Why We Install Baxi

Choosing a new boiler isn't always the easiest task! Which brand do you go for? What advantages and benefits do these boilers offer? In this blog post, we're going to go through a few reasons as to why we choose to install Baxi boilers for our customers. 

10 Years of Warranty

Not only are Baxi a household boiler manufacture in the United Kingdom; they offer a number of their boilers with great warranties. A no-catch 10 Year warranty to give the peace of mind you deserve for you home. None of us want problems with our homes and they can become some of the most expensive to resolve. Well rest assured that with a 10 Year warranty, your home should stay in great condition for years to come! With warranties of 10 Years, it's clearly the case that Baxi have full confidence in their products, which is exactly what you want when boiler shopping. However, you should remember that while Baxi offer great warranties, you must ensure that your boiler is serviced annually to receive the benefits. This means that you can keep on top of the condition of your boiler whilst knowing that any boiler problems you experience are covered by the warranty. It also worth mentioning that boiler servicing is a legal requirement of landlords. 

Baxi Are Innovative 

Baxi have made many innovative developments on their boilers which really sets them apart from their competition. To put this point into perspective, Baxi have an extra long flue which allows customers to fit their brand new boiler to a variety of places in their home - Perfect for when you're either refurbishing your home or simply want install a new boiler. In addition to this, boilers are a lot smaller and quieter than they use to be, which means they can be installed in better areas to give you more space in your home. 

Household Boiler Manufacturer

Baxi are a household boiler Manufacturer in the United Kingdom and have established a great reputation for the quality of their products. It is also worth noting that by supporting Baxi you are supporting a British brand! With long no-catch 10 Year warranties on their products, its a no-brainer that you should give us a call here at D.A Gas, Heating and Plumbing to have a brand new Baxi Boiler installed! 

Need a Baxi Boiler in Harlow, Essex? 

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