Powerflushing in Harlow, Essex

Also offering powerflushing in Bishop's Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Epping, Stansted, Great Dunmow, Hoddesdon and Ware

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As the boiler functions, it leaves deposits of rust, sludge and other debris throughout the central heating system. As this sludge and debris builds up over time, it slowly but surely reduces the efficiency of the system and if left, can result in the need for a very costly repair. The solution? A powerflush...
When we powerflush your system, we'll inject water through the entire central heating system at high velocity to remove all of the rust, sludge and other debris that is otherwise influencing the performance of system. We'll also add our own powerful cleansing and mobilising agents to further improve the cleansing process.

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Is your central heating system due a powerflush?

Take a look at these signs to see if your central heating system is due a powerflush...

  • Cold spots on the radiator that can't be cleared with a bleed key
  • Radiators taking their time to heat
  • Black or brown sludgy water in the heating system
  • Strange noises coming from the boiler
  • A magnet can stick to the copper pipework (indication of rush)

If you've noticed any of these signs or anything else, please get in touch with our gas engineers on 01279 316304 or use the contact details below.

Contact our gas engineers in Harlow for a powerflush...

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