Can I have a power shower with a combi boiler?

This is something we get asked all the time, the short answer is NO.
If you have a power shower already installed and a gravity hot water system (you have tanks and a water cylinder), and you are looking to upgrade to a combi boiler, then you will need to replace your shower. A power shower will also NOT work with an unvented pressurised system such as a Megaflo hot water cylinder. 
If you have a combi boiler already installed, then a power shower is also not for you.

Power shower
A power shower is designed to work with low pressure (gravity systems) and has a pump built in or uses a processor unit to boost the water pressure, this does not work with a combi boiler as the water is fed directly from the mains supply and can not be pumped.
BUT relax, there are other options available, the following types of showers will work well with a combi boiler and provide you with an amazing shower experience.
    • Thermostatic mixer valve
    • Rainwater showers
    • Electric showers (these are different to power showers)
    • Processor digital showers such as Aqualisa Quartz or Mira Platinum
Most combi boilers will produce around 12 liters per minute of hot water which is a decent amount of flow rate for a shower. 
If you are unsure of the type of shower or boiler you need, then get in touch for a free no-obligation quotation.