Signs of Hard Water and How You Can Treat It

As a local plumbing and heating company based in Harlow, we find we are often called out to boiler breakdowns and hot water issues caused by the hard water we suffer from within the area.

Some of the common issues and faults we find are blocked heat exchanges, shower cartridges failing, and immersions, thermostats and toilets needing repairs.

Living in a hard water area doesn't have to be a major issue, and we have several solutions to combat limescale forming. The best ways to prevent limescale are the following:

Buildup from hard water

Signs of hard water

1. Do your taps and showers have watermarks, even though you just cleaned them?

2. Is there excessive lime and chalk buildup on the walls of sinks and showers in your home?

3. Are your white clothes dingy or are your colours fading unusually fast?

4. Does your water taste or smell wrong?

5. Does your skin and hair feel dry or itchy after a shower?

6. Do you have low water pressure?

7. Do your appliances break quicker than they should?

8. Do your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when they dry?

5 benefits of using a water softener

1. You save money

Limescale buildup can cause blocked pipework and irreversible damage to the plumbing in your home. By installing a water softener, you will save money on costly appliance repairs. Hard water drastically reduces the lifespan of your appliances.

2. Cleaner hair and softer skin

Soft water contains fewer minerals which means your skin can pick up and hold onto moisture more easily. Washing in hard water can leave you with dry, itchy skin and frizzy hair, while softened water helps to balance your hair's pH level.

3. Brighter and softer clothes

Hard water can cause your clothes to fade quicker and lose their colour. Soft water dissolves into your laundry more easily and cleans more effectively. Using a water softener also means you'll use less detergent!

4. Cleaner dishes

If you live in a hard water area, you probably experience glasses and dishes looking stained or cloudy even after being cleaned. Using a water softener tackles the source of the issue and removes the minerals before they get a chance to build up on your best silverware.

5. Less time cleaning

Blocked shower heads and chunks of limescale hanging onto the ends of your taps and fixtures is not uncommon around Essex. One of the main reasons customers enquire about a softener is because they are fed up with having to descale their showers and taps, often resulting in damage to the chrome fixtures.

In need of some assistance?

If you don't feel confident trying to install your own water softener, or you simply don't have the time, get in touch with us. The friendly team at DA Gas, Heating and Plumbing will be more than happy to help. Call us on 01279 316304 or alternatively, email us at