Which Boiler Is Best For You?

Need a replacement boiler? Take a read of our blog so you can make an informed decision and choose the right boiler for your home... 

Condensing Boilers 

Whilst not an actual ‘type’ of boiler (as all boilers have been manufactured as condensing boilers since 2005), this is something that you should be aware of if you have an older boiler... Condensing boilers are significantly more efficient than their predecessors, older conventional types and will help you save money on your energy bills. Condensing boilers are more efficient as they condense the steam that would otherwise leave the system as wasted energy and can then reuse this energy to power the boiler and warm the home. 
Condensing boilers are also better for the environment!

Regular Boilers - Ideal replacement boiler for larger homes 

These boilers may also be referred to as traditional or heat only boilers. They are common in older properties and larger homes. This is because the system is quite large, made up of a water cylinder and two tanks, for hot and cold water. These tanks are usually stored in the loft, and the cylinder is normally kept in an upstairs cupboard so it is necessary to have plenty of space in your home. 

Pros of regular boilers..

- Ideal for older, larger homes
- Can be combined with a solar water heating system to improve efficiency
- Ideal for homes with low water pressure
- Ideal when a lot of hot water is needed at the same time
- Ideal for homes with several bathrooms

Cons of regular boilers..

- Require a lot of space
- Hot water can run out so you will need to wait for it to reheat
- Not the most efficient, tanks may not be insulated correctly so may lose heat

System boilers - Ideal replacement boiler for large homes

System boilers are similar to regular boilers, with the exception that there is no need for the two separate water tanks in the loft. Why? All of the components required are built into the boiler and the water cylinder itself. Hence, the pros and cons mentioned above are applicable to system boilers too. 

Combination (Combi) Boilers - Ideal replacement boiler for smaller homes

With a combi boiler, the hot water is heated directly by the mains, meaning there is no need for water tanks in the loft. All that is required is a water cylinder, and all other components are connected to this. Installing a new combi boiler will save you a considerable amount of space in a smaller home. 

Pros of combi boilers..

- Less space required 
- Hot water is heated instantly, so doesn’t need to be stored 
- Hot water is delivered at the same pressure as mains, so doesn’t require a pump (and giving you powerful showers) 
- Less pipework, no risk of it freezing in winter 
- Better energy efficiency 

Cons of combi boilers..

- Require good mains pressure (although there are ways around this)
- If more than one hot tap is running at the same time, pressure will drop 
- No backup heater so you will be left with no hot water if your boiler breaks down 

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