When Do I Need a Plumber?

The plumbing in our homes is something most of us take for granted, even though we rely on it every day. Every time we flush the toilet, run a tap or have a shower, it’s thanks to the good plumbing in our homes. However, everything goes wrong at points, and there may be a time when you face a plumbing issue as a homeowner. 

Plumbing covers such a wide range of jobs that it can sometimes be confusing to know who to call and when to call them. We explain more below.

When should I call a plumber to my home? 

Plumbers offer a range of services, all of which centre around the water and pipes in and outside your home. They can carry out repair work whether minor or major, and are also tasked with many household projects, both big and small. 

Plumbers carry out the following main jobs… and pretty much any other pipe work you can think of too! 

Plumbing work includes:

  • Fixing leaking pipes 
  • Washing machine and other appliance plumbing 
  • Dishwasher and washing machine repairs 
  • Fitting new bathrooms and showers 
  • Replacing taps 
  • Dealing with leaks from toilets, showers and taps 
  • Fitting new kitchen plumbing 
  • Fixing pressure problems 
  • Installing outside taps 
  • Resolving blockages

So if you have one of the issues listed above or are looking for someone to fit your new bathroom, install an en suite or help with the extension or renovation of your kitchen and its pipework, a plumber is who you want to call.

Can I deal with plumbing problems myself? 

Sometimes the answer to this is yes, almost certainly. So long as you have the skills, know-how and tools, some basic plumbing problems can be tackled without the need to call someone out. When deciding whether to go professional or DIY, you should consider the following:

The time it will take 

While calling a plumber means arranging a suitable appointment that may not be instant, it can often be quicker to outsource plumbing work as a plumber is liable to complete the job a lot faster than you. Especially when you consider time off work, shopping for parts and trying to teach yourself how to do something that a plumber has years of training in!

The cost 

We all try to save money where we can, so if cost is on your mind you may well prefer to tackle what plumbing problems you can by yourself, and this is understandable. If it is something like a loose toilet you may well be able to resolve it by yourself without paying a penny. Sometimes, however, the problem is more complex, and if it goes wrong you will then need to call out a plumber to fix your mistake, as well as the original issue. It’s worth weighing up your options and being realistic about what you can manage by yourself. 

Hassle and convenience 

Life is busy, so it’s almost always far easier to outsource tasks like plumbing. Most people are busy enough with work, their families and homes to spare time to research, plan, shop for and carry out plumbing work, and that’s without the risk of something going wrong! When you hire a professional plumber, you can relax knowing when the work will get done and be able to tick it off your list of things to do.

The quality of work 

Some homeowners enjoy the sense of achievement from fixing a plumbing problem themselves, and when it is simple and straightforward there is usually no problem. However, sometimes going down the DIY route results in work that, despite the best of intentions, is a little shoddy and doesn’t fully fix the issue. Before you decide between professional or doing it yourself, do consider whether you truly have the skills to take on a plumbing project, so you don’t end up needing to call a plumber out further down the line anyway.

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