What Time of the Year is the Best to Install a New Boiler?

If you are planning to have a new boiler installed, perhaps as part of a renovation project or because your old one is getting old, you may be wondering about when the best time is to have it fitted. You can’t always choose the ideal time, as boilers have a mind of their own and if yours breaks down beyond repair you’ll need to have the new one installed as soon as possible - regardless of the time of year!

However, if you can plan, it’s sometimes worth thinking about when would be the most convenient time for you, as installing a new boiler does bring with it a small amount of short-term disruption to your home. 

Here at D A Gas Plumbing & Heating, we’ve installed almost as many boilers as we’ve had hot dinners, so have lots of experience of carrying out this specialist work in people’s homes. While we always aim to minimise disruption and complete all work as quickly as possible, we know installations still cause some upheaval.

In the following post we explain a little more about the process, and advise on the time of year that potentially will cause you less disruption and inconvenience.

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What happens during a boiler installation?

When your new boiler is fitted, the old unit will first be safely disconnected and removed. In order to carry out the installation, your heating and hot water will have to be disconnected, so you won’t have access to heat or a hot bath or shower during the time it takes to fit your new boiler.

Some boiler installations can be done in a single day, when your heating engineer is changing a like for like system. For example, if you are replacing a combi boiler with a new combi unit, the job will be quicker and can usually be carried out in a day.

However, if you’re moving from a regular boiler to a combi one, this will take longer. That’s because your old water tank in the loft will need removing, as well as your hot water cylinder. And because a combi boiler works differently to a regular boiler, your engineer will need extra time to reconfigure and connect it to your radiators. 

Depending on factors such as these, including whether you’re having new radiators fitted or keeping your old ones, installing a new boiler in your home can take between one and three days.

As part of the installation, your engineer will connect your boiler to the rest of your central heating system and check it communicates effectively with the thermostat, hot water cylinder and tank (if relevant), and radiators.

Is there a better time of year to have a new boiler installed?

Because you can’t access heat or hot water during the installation of your new boiler, some homeowners do prefer to have their new unit fitted during the warmer months. Having a boiler installed during summer is generally thought to be less disruptive as you can cope better without heat for a day or two. 

However, in many cases, we install new boilers when the old unit has broken down, and if this happens in winter the priority is fitting a new one as quickly as possible. In these cases, it’s undoubtedly better to face disruption in winter for a day or two than wait for months to resolve your central heating crisis!

Trusted boiler installation services in Essex

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