What is causing my noisy boiler?

Has your boiler suddenly become noisier than usual? Are you worried you’ll need to splash out on some expensive repairs? Don’t worry! Not every sound your boiler makes is a sign of a big problem and some issues can be resolved yourself. Different sounds are caused by different internal problems, so keep reading to find out the problem with your boiler.


If your boiler is making a whistling sound, it is caused by water heating up too much inside your system and it often sounds like a kettle boiling- hence the name ‘kettling’. If your boiler is making this sound it means the pipes or components are blocked by limescale or sludge, stopping the water from circulating correctly. It can be resolved by a simple powerflush, which our gas engineers offer across Essex.


These sounds may also be caused by internal build-up, so can also be fixed by a simple powerflush. If the tapping or banging are constant, they could be caused by a loose component. This will need to be secured by a gas engineer, to make sure it is done safely.


Gurgling is caused by trapped air within your system. If you have noticed a gurgling sound, you also may have noticed your radiators are not heating up as quickly as usual, or they have frequent cold spots. All of these issues can be done by bleeding your radiators, which is a simple DIY job.


Humming can be a sign your boiler is working as it should but, if it becomes louder than usual, it can be a sign of a fault. Usually, the issue is with the heating element in your system and this will need to be solved by a gas engineer.


If your boiler is making a dripping sound, it is caused by a leak in your system. Leaks are often a result of your boiler pressure being too high, or general boiler wear and tear. You should try and locate the leak so you can prevent any further damage to your boiler or its surroundings and call out a gas engineer.

Does your boiler need fixing in Harlow?

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