Here at D.A Gas, looking after your plumbing and heating needs means more to us than just turning up and fixing your immediate problem on a call out basis, we are here to help, here to offer advice and help you save money where possible. 

Heating your home can be costly, and with energy bills rising continually it’s easy to see your bills increasing on each quarter, but by following these 10 simple tips some of which you can easily do yourself by popping along to your local DIY store you can SAVE money. 

1) Turn your room thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees could save you up to £80 per year

2) Ensure the hot water thermostat is not set any higher than 60 degrees on your hot water cylinder 

3) Fix any dripping taps or leaks will save money on your water bill. 

4) By installing and correctly using a programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator valves could save around £75 per year

5) Having your gas boiler serviced annually will ensure its safe and efficient operation, late summer or autumn is a great time to have it done and to be prepared for those winter months (Approx £78)

6) Making sure your loft and cavity walls have satisfactory insulation could save you a whopping £240 per year

7) Having a new energy saving A rated condensing gas boiler could save around £250 a year over a boiler with a permanent pilot light

8) Insulating your pipes and hot water cylinder will keep the heat in and prevent pipes from freezing and bursting, especially in unheated areas such as lofts and basements.

9) Do not block your radiators and thermostatic valves with furniture and curtains, it restricts the heat emitting from the radiator and will prevent the thermostatic valve working correctly.

10) Bleeding your radiators gets rid of air and will make the radiator hotter and work more effectively.