How to thaw any frozen pipe

A frozen pipe can really bring the action in your home to a halt- and you definitely don't want it to develop into a burst pipe. Before you do anything else, you need to see whether the pipe is exposed (meaning you can see it), or if it is hidden behind a wall, for example. Then, follow the correct steps to resolve it...

Thawing an exposed pipe

  • Using a hairdryer

This is a really quick and simple method, that is sure to get the job done. All you need to do is aim the hairdryer at the frozen area of the pipe and wait for it to defrost. As the hairdryer is electrical, be careful of the water when the ice begins to melt.

  • Using a heat lamp

Another simple method is using a heat lamp or a portable space heater. Position the heat source close to the frozen section, moving it along until it has all defrosted thoroughly. Again, be careful of the electrical appliance near the water.

  • Hot, wet towels
  • Alternatively, for a method that doesn't require electric, you can wet towels with warm water and wrap them around the pipe. This method will take longer but should work just as well.

    Thawing hidden pipes

    Hidden pipes can be slightly more difficult, but are still manageable to do for yourself.

    • Increase the heating

    The simplest method is just turning up the heating a few degrees. This indirect heat should be enough to get the job done and should alwasy be your first go to method.

    • Using an infrared lamp

    This method is only suitable if you know where the frozen pipe is located. Position an infrared lamp in front of the frozen section and the heat should be strong enough to penetrate the wall.

    • Cut through the wall

    This is a more extreme method for if you feek comfortable cutting through your drywall. This gives you clear access to the pipe, and you can use one of the three methods above.

    Need more help with your frozen pipes?

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