Home heating myths

There are a lot of heating myths floating around and it can be hard to know which are true and which aren’t. Keep reading to find out how to heat your home this winter.

It is better to leave your heating on low constantly


Many people believe it is better to constantly have your heating on low, rather than having big energy surges when you switch the heating on, to warm up a cold house. While this may sound logical, it is a myth and creates a lot of wasted energy from heating your home unnecessarily, if you aren’t there to benefit from the heat.

Painting your radiators makes them more efficient


Painting your radiators black may seem like it will help, as dark colours are more effective at transmitting heat. Although, in reality, it is more likely to have the opposite effect. It stops heat being dispersed as easily, making them less effective.

Turning up your thermostat heats a room quicker


While we understand it can be tempting, this is the most inefficient way to heat your home and can end up being pretty expensive. If you come back to a freezing home and switch the thermostat up to 30, it will heat the room at the same rate it would if it was on 23, but it will leave your home uncomfortably hot. Instead, leave it at a lower temperature and layer yourself up until it gets warm enough.

You should turn your heating up if it is a colder day


According to a survey by the Energy Saving Trust, 52% of people are guilty of doing this- especially when they see it is snowing outside. If your thermostat is set to 25, it will keep your home at this temperature, regardless of how cold it is outside, so there really is no need to turn up your thermostat in cold weather.

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