Boiler servicing: Your questions answered

In this blog post, we answer the questions we hear most often concerning boiler servicing:

Should I get my boiler serviced every year? 

Yes, if you want a safe and efficient boiler that you know will give you optimum performance. A gas boiler service ensures your boiler is running efficiently and safely ensuring you and your family are left warm and safe. 

My boiler is brand new, surely it doesn’t need servicing for a few year right? 

WRONG, to maintain your new boiler warranty, manufacturers insist that the appliance is serviced and maintained annually, after all what’s the point spending all that hard earned money on a new boiler if you’re not going to look after it. Failure to regularly service the boiler will INVALIDATE the boiler warranty. 

How much is a boiler service? 

We charge £65.00 plus VAT for a gas boiler service, this does not include any parts that may be required. 

What is done on a gas boiler service? 

Apart from cleaning and assessing the boiler for condition and water leaks, the appliance emissions are checked to ensure it is burning correctly. Any magnetic filters will be cleaned and refitted, the boiler and installation will be examined to ensure it complies with all gas safety regulations and the customer advised accordingly. We will also carry out a free gas soundness test to ensure your property is free from gas leaks.

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