Boiler Maintenance Tips You Should Know About

As we approach the colder months of the year, none of us want to experience faults and problems with our boilers. Well, are you aware that you can prevent such issues arising by giving care and attention to your boiler to ensure its in good condition? You must treat your boiler with the similar consideration as your car; if you look after it, it will stay in good condition and won't experience a breakdown or other faults/problems. In this blog post, we have created a few boiler maintenance tips for you to consider - Especially at this time of the year. Want to get in touch with us here at D.A Gas, Heating & Plumbing? Give us a call on, 07920 875189 and we would be more than happy to help. 

Boiler Maintenance Tips You Should Know About 

Before we get this blog underway, you should know that the list below are great ways to keep your boiler in good condition; however, you should always get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer if you notice anything unusual about your boiler. This is the best option as faulty boilers can become dangerous for you and your home. Find out more about getting in touch with us via the contact details at the bottom of this post. 

Consider Annual Boiler Servicing 

You may have heard about annual boiler servicing and its a great way to ensure your boiler is running smoothly and operating efficiently. By choosing annual boiler servicing, a Gas Safe registered engineer will attend your property and conduct the essential checks and tests to make sure your boiler is in working order. This is recommended on an annual basis and can prevent any future repair costs or faults & problems occurring as they will be discovered and/or prevented earlier.  If you're interested, find out more about how we can help with boiler servicing on our service page for boiler servicing. 

Power Flushing Service 

Power flushing is another great option for keeping your boiler in great condition. It is also another service that you can have a Gas Safe registered engineer do for your home. The service involves removing the sludge, rust and debris from the radiators/central heating system to help them operate a lot more efficiently. Power flushing is long lasting (only really required every 5 to 10 Years) and can improve the lifespan of your central heating system. Find out more about how we can help with power flushing services over on our power flushing service page.  

Bleeding the Radiators 

Bleeding your radiators can also help the system to operate a lot more efficiently and isn't as hard as it sounds. By bleeding your radiators, they will be able to perform as you once remember them too. 

Switch the Boiler Off 

As the weather warms up during the summer, we tend not to turn our boilers on as much. However, to prevent any future faults and problems occurring when the weather gets colder, you should consider turning your boiler on for around 15 Minutes per month during the summer.

Lag the Pipes 

Finally, the condensate pipe can freeze when the temperature drops below zero in the colder months of the year. To prevent this, you can either pour warm water on to the ice on the pipe to melt the ice. Alternatively, consider insulating the pipe or even have the boiler on low constantly to prevent freezing.

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