Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Are you interested in upgrading your boiler? Not sure of the benefits? Keep reading to see how your home can benefit from the installation of a new boiler...

New boilers are energy-efficient

55% of your energy bills go towards heating your home, so having a new, energy-efficient boiler can make a huge difference to how much you pay each year. This is especially the case if you haven't replaced your boiler for the last decade or so. Why? Since 2004, all boilers installed in the UK must use condensing technology, which simply put means to make more use of the combustion gases and extract more heat from the fuel that is being used.
In most cases, modern condensing boilers are over 90% efficient, which means for every £1 spent, only 10p is 'wasted'. Compare this to older, non-condensing boilers that can be as low as 50% efficient, you get the point... You can save lots of money on your energy bills with a new boiler...

New boilers come with a new guarantee

New boilers come with a new guarantee/warranty, meaning you can have peace of mind over your boiler for years to come.
The length of the guarantee/warranty does depend on the boiler brand, the boiler model and the installer, so perhaps best to check beforehand.
For instance, as a Baxi accredited installer, we're able to offer up to 10 years on selected Baxi boilers that we install, which covers you for all parts and labour in the event of a breakdown. 

New boilers are quieter

In recent years, the design of boilers has been developed and improved considerably, making newer boilers quieter than older, non-condensing boilers. This will make a huge difference to homes that have a boiler upstairs and next to a bedroom, for example, as there will be less disruptive noise throughout the night and you will hardly notice that it is there!

New boilers are smaller

As well as becoming quieter, newer boilers are also smaller, making them easier to hide in the kitchen or airing cupboards. Additionally, newer boilers can easily be wall mounted, freeing up a little extra space in the home. This makes them ideal in households with smaller kitchens, for example.

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