Advantages of Installing a Megaflo Cylinder

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to a new central heating system. Choosing a boiler can be difficult enough, as you need to consider the type you want, its brand and its size or output. However, there is actually more to a central heating system than your boiler, and if you opt for a non-combi boiler you’ll also need to choose a hot water cylinder. 

At D A Gas Heating & Plumbing we’re familiar with a range of hot water cylinders, as we install and repair them on a weekly basis! We’re big fans of the Megaflo cylinder, and have written this guide to explain more about it and why we recommend it as a sound investment for your central heating system.

What is a Megaflo cylinder? 

A Megaflo cylinder is made of high-quality steel and is an unvented hot water cylinder. It makes up an important part of your central heating system, storing your hot water for use throughout the day. Megaflo cylinders are able to meet high demands for hot water and are a great fit for homes with more than one bathroom or families that use a lot of hot water. 

The manufacturer of Megaflo is Heatre Sadia, who have designed the cylinders to work with a boiler. However, some Megaflo cylinders can heat water directly, without a boiler. This is done through their immersion coil.

What are the advantages of a Megaflo system? 

here are lots of benefits to using a Megaflo cylinder as part of your central heating system. 

These are the main ones: 

  • They allow you to store lots of hot water 
  • They don’t need a cold water tank, working instead with just the boiler. This saves space and also gives you the option to convert your loft, where the water tank would usually have been situated. 
  • A Megaflo provides good water pressure, even if two showers are running at the same time. 
  • Megaflo’s allow two or more hot water sources to be run at the same time, for example a tap in the kitchen can be run at the same time as a shower. 
  • They usually come with a warranty of around 25 years
  • They include an immersion switch so you can still get hot water if your boiler isn’t working. 
  • The cylinder is easy to look after and any replacement parts that may be needed are usually quick to source. 
  • Its design includes an auto pressure release, which is an important safety feature. 
  • Because there’s no water tank, there’s less risk of sludge and debris building up in your system.

Is a Megaflo Cylinder energy-efficient?

Compared with other cylinders, Megaflo’s are thought to retain heat better due to their durable build. This means they can keep your water hot for longer, and prevent you needing to reheat it. This saves energy, which helps the planet as well as potentially saving you money on your heating bills. 

Additionally, a Megaflo can integrate with thermal and solar energy, so can run partly on renewable energy.

Who can install a Megaflo Cylinder? 

Because Megaflo cylinders form a part of your gas central heating system they should only be installed by qualified heating engineers. The person you choose should be Gas Safe registered, which proves they have the experience and relevant qualifications and can undertake gas-related installations safely. 

When arranging quotes, you should check each tradesperson has experience of installing gas central heating systems and is familiar working with Megaflo cylinders.

Boiler installation and care in Essex 

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