10 Tips to Reduce Gas Bills This Winter

Follow this blog’s top 10 tips for lowering your heating bills this winter!

Tin foil

Place some purpose-built, heat reflective foil behind your radiators; coving a piece of card with kitchen tin foil will work just as well! This reflects the heat into your room, rather than wasting it on heating the walls.

Cover the floors

Between 10% and 25% of household heat is lost through the floors of your home, so it is a good idea to cover your floors with rugs to reduce heat loss. Similar to you putting on your coat in the winter.

Close the doors

Closing the doors to unused rooms reduces heat loss and stops draughts.

Get your boiler serviced

Boilers that aren’t serviced annually can be wasting you excess money, by not running efficiently. We offer boiler servicing across Harlow to save you money over the winter.

Bleed your radiators

If your radiators take a while to heat up, bleeding them will help. This is a simple process that you can learn through a quick YouTube video and a bleed key from a DIY shop. 

Block the loft hatch

Insulating your loft is one thing, but this money goes to waste if draughts can come through your loft hatch. Insulate the hatch with insulation tape from a DIY shop to fill in the gaps.

Open the curtains in the day time

Let in some natural sunlight and heat, it’s a free way to warm your home! Granted, sunlight is limited during the winter months and you need to close them again when it gets dark.

Fill in any small gaps

Heat can escape from small holes (such as around your letterbox and keyhole), so it is important to fill them in as best you can. Insulation tape can help.

Use pipe-lagging

This can be brought from the majority of DIY shops and keeps your pipes warmer for longer, as a result, keeping the water inside them warmer too.

Work out your ideal home temperature

For most people, this is between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius. Rather than switching up the heating when you get hold, it is a much cheaper solution to maintain an average temperature throughout the day.

Need a gas engineer in Harlow?

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